1. Geochemistry and provenance of loess
  2. Geochronology of loess/paleosol sequences and dust MAR
  3. Loess/paleosol stratigraphy
  4. Loess as a paleoclimate archive
  5. Environmental evolution based on the study of paleosols
  6. Engineering geology of loess regions
  7. Loess in the cryo-environment
  8. Geomorphology and land-surface process in loess regions
  9. Caspian Sea Quaternary stratigraphy and palaeogeography



  • September 23rd: Arrival and Registration. Ice-breaking party.
  • September 24th: Scientific sessions. Conference Dinner.
  • September 25th: Scientific sessions.
  • September 26th: Field trip 1. Akhtuba river sections: Srednyaya Akhtuba, Leninsk.
  • September 27th: Field trip 2. Volga river sections: Raigorod, Cherny Yar, Nizhneye Zaymishe.
  • September 28th: Field trip 3. Tour of Volgograd city; Mamayev Kurgan and the Motherland Calls Memorial complex.



Huayu Lu, Nanjing University: «Chinese loess and Asian monsoon: A 30-year study».

Sergey Sedov, National Autonomous University of Mexico: «Polygenetic models for loessic paleosols: the clue to their correlation and paleoenvironmental interpretation».

Natalia Bolikhovskaya, Moscow State University: «Paleoenvironments and climatostratigraphy of the loess-paleosol reference sequences of East-European plain».

Gabor Ujvari, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: «Coupled European and Greenland last glacial dust activity driven by North Atlantic climate».

Junsheng Nie, Lanzhou University: «Pre-Quaternary decoupling between Asian aridification and high dust accumulation rates»

Slobodan Markovich, University of Novi Sad: «Eurasian loess stratigrpahy: from local nomenclatures to continental model»

Jan-Pieter Buylaert, Aarhus University: «Loess luminescence chronologies: recent developments».

Anu Kaakinen, University of Helsinki: «Stratigraphy and palaeoecology of the classic Late Neogene “Hipparion” faunas from the aeolian Baode red clay, Shanxi province, China».

Tamara Yanina, Moscow State University: «Caspian Sea Late Quaternary sea-level change: latest results».